In preparation for the upcoming release of Windows Phone 7.5, otherwise known as Mango, it looks like Microsoft has made over the My Windows Phone website as seen in the below screenshot.


The website carries much of the same functionality as the previous version did including:

  • Access to your phone account to set up billing methods and look at apps purchase history.
  • Web based access to the Windows Phone Marketplace where you can send a link via an SMS or an email on how to download the app to your phone.
  • Help and How-to pages.
  • Links to your SkyDrive uploads, Xbox Live information and stats and shortcuts to Office Live for OneNote and other files.
  • Find My Phone which allows you to ring, lock and erase your phone if necessary.  The nice thing about the ring feature is that even if your phone is set to silent and the volume is turned all the way down it still vibrates and makes a piercing ring.  The lock process lets you secure your phone from unauthorized access and leave a message on the screen in case it is found.  The last option, erase, lets you erase all your data off the phone if it is lost and unrecoverable.

Microsoft also updated their Where’s my phone update? to show a new column under Windows Phone 7.5 as the update is being rolled out.  All of the statuses show scheduling except for Sprint which indicates testing is still in progress.  The international update page has also has the Windows Phone 7.5 column added.