As I mentioned earlier today Microsoft’s Build Conference starts tomorrow but based on some quick research on Twitter the dialog about Windows 8 is already starting to increase.

Using the Microsoft Analytics for Twitter tool I ran a quick analysis of the term “Windows 8” and the Build Conference hashtag #bldwin this morning to see how the chatter has been.


This first graphic shows the number of tweets per day that contain the term “Windows 8”. You can see the traffic on Twitter has been increasing since 7 Sep and has plateaued around 1500 tweets per day.  I expect that number will go up once the conference begins tomorrow.

windows8tweetsperdaygraphic windows8tweetersperdaygraphic

These two graphics show you how many tweets have been mentioned with “Windows 8” in between 6 and 12 Sep when I pulled the data.  Most of the mentions, around 82%, are original tweets from users and not retweets and 1,180 twitter users have mentioned “Windows 8” during this period.


This final graphic for “Windows 8” shows the top 5 accounts that are mentioning “Windows 8” on Twitter.  Our friend Tom Warren from (@winrumors) is number 4 on that list!

Now as for the Build Conference hashtag #bldwin analysis:


You will see here that the hashtag has gone a very rapid climb over the last two days which makes sense as most attendee’s started travelling over the weekend to get to the conference in Anaheim, CA.  I suspect this has already increased a lot since I ran this a couple of hours ago as today is registration day.  This data is from 4 – 12 Sep 2011.

bldwintweetstotalsgraphic bldwintweetersperdaygraphic

As you see by these two graphics the number of retweets for the #bldwin hashtag are much higher – 42% of the total tweets are retweets.  Also, the number of folks tweeting with the hashtag #bldwin are much lower than those using “Windows 8” as there was already a dialog going on about “Windows 8” before the Build conference started.  It may also be related to confusion about which hashtag to use for the conference.  However, #bldwin seems to be the official hashtag in use by the Building Windows 8 twitter account (@BuildWindows8).


Finally a quick peek at the top 5 tweeters using #bldwin and no surprise that the official Building Windows 8 twitter account is on top.  Closely behind is our friend Mary Jo Foley (@maryjofoley) from ZDNet’s All About Microsoft Blog.

We will take a look at the end of the week and see how these same terms trended over the conference.