On the eve of the Microsoft Build Conference in Anaheim, CA there is apparently several users who are already running the developer preview of Windows 8 that is expected to be distributed to attendees this week.

So how are we able to tell the build is out there?  Well it actually has to do with the Windows 8 Twitter program called Tweet@rama which was shown for the first time back in June on the Building Windows 8 Blog.

You can see the screen of this app and the name in this video at about the 3:28 point:

So based on the above info and the fact that Tweet@rama is referred to as a Windows 8 app it stands to reason that anyone who might be running a build of Windows 8 and tweeting would end up having Tweet@rama listed as their Twitter program.

Well there are a couple out there and in Tweetdeck if you click on the link to Tweet@rama it goes to

Something tells me a lot more people are going to be tweeting with Tweet@rama in the next 24 hours or so. What do you think?