Recently Facebook introduced a new sidebar that appears along side the social media website in your web browser.  It provides links to recent updates posted to your friends walls and also to anyone online for Facebook Chat.  This morning I sent out a quick tweet to ask what others thought about the new enhancement and the response was consistent.

…it’s horrible. Too obtrusive. @johnniemojo

…honestly Facebooks changes in design has driven my visits to it down. @smicael

I would agree with the assessment of it being too obtrusive.  It sits on the right hand side of your browser window and takes up real estate on the screen that is unnecessary.  It just looks like it is in the way.


So I went in search of and found the magic button to turn this thing off in my browser.  If you go down to the bottom of this sidebar you will find a gear icon for the settings:


Click on it and then select Hide Sidebar. Yep, that easy.  Not sure why I did not track that down earlier.