It was just by pure chance that I discovered this app for my Windows Phone 7.  About 10 days ago I was meeting someone who was driving down from Ohio for the final launch of Atlantis so that I could pass along six Kennedy Visitors Center Launch Viewing tickets that I had picked up for them. 

We had been coordinating our hand over of the tickets for a couple of days prior via Twitter and on the day of the exchange as they got closer to my location I received a tweet that had a link in it with the comment – see where I am at here.

So I clicked on the link and was immediately shown a webpage that looked like this:


So I now had the ability to see where they were and when they were expected to arrive at our destination.  Since I had never heard of Glympse before I headed to the web to search for it and found their website.  Imagine my pleasure when I discovered they had a version of Glympse for Windows Phone 7!

In fact, they have versions of Glympse for Android, iPhone, Blackberry and even Windows Mobile.  Of course you can also view Glympse’s in your web browser.

I went to the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace and immediately downloaded the app and got it installed and running.  I created my first Glympse very quickly and was able to send it to my friend so they could see where I was as we both converged on our meeting location.

They key feature of this service is my ability to control who sees my Glympse’s and for how long.  I am in total control of my info and can revoke that access at anytime via the app.

So with those type of privacy features and the flexibility to share my location for a variety of reasons I am already a big fan of Glympse.

Glympse™ allows GPS-enabled mobile phone users to share their location for a pre-set period of time with anyone they choose using patent-pending GlympseWatch™ technology, so users can "check-in" or allow their location to be shared for longer durations. Available on iPhone™, Android and Windows Phone™, Glympse visually answers the question of "Where are you?" with a dynamic map that updates a person’s whereabouts in real-time. Glympse was developed with consumer safety and privacy in mind, and the service provides users with complete control over WHO can view their location, WHEN and for HOW LONG.

What is Glympse?

Windows Phone 7 App Screenshots

Glympse_WinPhone_Phone_03_Splash Glympse_WinPhone_Phone_04_Panorama Glympse_WinPhone_Phone_05_Map Glympse_WinPhone_Phone_06_Send
Glympse_WinPhone_Phone_07_History Glympse_WinPhone_Phone_08_Favorites Glympse_WinPhone_Phone_09_Destination  

So if you have been looking for a way to securely share your location then Glympse just might be the app for you.  Did I mention that the app and use of the service is free, has over 1 million users and just last month secured 7.5 million dollars in a Series B round of funding?