A lot of people use the web to do their tweeting.  In fact, back in March of this year All Twitter ran a story, How Many People Really use, where they showed stats which indicated over a third of Twitter users access the service via in their web browser.

So it makes sense that there would be some shortcuts to interact with the web based version of the social media service right?

Well there are some keyboard shortcuts that will help you move away from your mouse to peruse your Tweet stream by keeping your hands on the keyboard:


f : favorite
r : reply
t : retweet
m : direct message
n : new Tweet
enter : toggle details pane


? : this menu
j : next Tweet
k : previous Tweet
space : page down
/ : search
. : refresh Tweets and back to top


g h : home
g r : replies / mentions
g p : profile
g f : favorites
g m : messages
g u : go to user