Out in Los Angeles yesterday Microsoft had their big opening press conference at E3 to talk about gaming and what the software company has coming in the next year or so.

Of course the big focus for Microsoft yesterday was their Xbox 360 gaming platform which continues to stay ahead of the pack in sales and with their newest peripheral, the Kinect for Xbox 360, which they announced at last years E3.  Since the release of the Kinect sensor last November the device has earned Microsoft a Guinness World Record as the fastest selling consumer electronics device ever

In the first 60 days they sold 8 million devices and had sold more than 10 million units by March 2011.

With all of these stats and sales I am surprised at what I saw written yesterday by some tech sites indicating that Microsoft went overboard with the Kinect integration on future games.  With over 10 million units hooked up to Xbox 360’s around the world there should have been no doubt that the Kinect would drive the gaming offerings for Xbox 360 this year.

In fact, if you check the E3 2011 Xbox Press kit page you will see it is actually a pretty even balance between Kinect related games and straight up games for the Xbox 360 console.

I think the Xbox 360 and Kinect combo is going to continue the growth that we have seen recently and the future is only going to get better with this device and the possibilities it provides.

Now can I put a plug in for a Star Trek related Kinect franchise?