It is a rare occurrence that photographs are available which show a Space Shuttle docked at the International Space Station (ISS).  This is typically because there is no overlap between the arrival and docking of the shuttle at the same time another manned spacecraft is coming and going.

Well the recently completed STS-134 Mission, which was Endeavour’s final docking and work on the ISS, had one of those rare occurrences happen.  A Soyuz capsule had to depart the station to return three astronauts to Earth at the completion of their Expedition 27 Mission on the ISS.

So after the Soyuz undocked from the station they did a fly around of the ISS with Endeavour docked to take photographs of the completed station during Endeavour’s final visit.  As you might imagine the imagery is just stunning.

So of course I had to turn some of the photo’s into a Windows 7 Theme to share with everyone. Many thanks to NASA who make these photographs available to the public for our use.

Photo Credit to Paolo Nespoli, Expedition 27 Astronaut.

Endeavour Docked at ISS


Download the Endeavour Docked to ISS Windows 7 Theme

Now this theme will only work on Windows 7 systems.  You could download each photo to your computer by clicking each of the above images one at a time and saving them.  However, to save you 13 clicks you can download this single zip file which contains all 13 photos with one click and then use them as background images on your computer.


Download Endeavour Docked to ISS Wallpapers