Most of the time at the E3 out in Los Angeles companies announce new hardware, software or games that will be out Holiday 2011 or some other such future date.

Well Microsoft has one new item they discussed yesterday that is actually already available and as you may have guessed it is Kinect Fun Labs.

And who better to introduce the collection of gadgets than Christopher Lloyd of Back to the Future fame – the original mad scientist!


Kinect Fun Labs lets you discover and play with the newest advances in Kinect technology. You’ll find innovative Gadgets such as "Kinect™ Me" and "Bobble Head" that utilize Kinect’s people-scanning tech to turn you into an amazingly realistic avatar or talking bobble head. Other Gadgets use innovations in object scanning, background removal and finger tracking to let you scan in almost anything in 3D and give it a personality, or even turn your living room into a 3D canvas of light and imagination. And since Kinect innovation never stops, new Gadgets are launching all the time.

Visit the Kinect Fun Labs page at to see the entire video and screenshots of the gadgets that are already available.