In an update yesterday on the Windows Phone Blog, Michael Stroh, has let everyone know that they have re-started the update machine to roll out the pre-update update for Windows Phone 7.  You may recall that when this update first started rolling out their were reports of problems, specifically with Samsung handsets, that were causing the phones to be unusable.  Users also could not recover from the issue themselves and had to return their handsets to the carrier for replacement.

Well according to Michael’s update they have figured out what was causing the issue and have implemented that change in the update.  With the rollout started back up again some reports are coming in that handsets are once again being offered the udpate and from what I have seen on Twitter so far there are no reported issues. 

Now there are complaints that the update is not yet being offered to some users, I can vouch for that on my LG Quantum which is on AT&T, but according to Michael this rollout is happening in a steady push and so not everyone will get it at the same time.

I would be curious to hear when you see the update and how the process goes for you.  Please feel free to discuss below and we can try and keep track of how the update is moving across the Windows Phone 7 ecosystem.