This is a guest blog entry from Karin Gerber. was launched last December as a means to help transform decaying and vacant lots in New York City into temporary or permanent sites for art exhibitions.  This allows various art projects to become more readily available to the public while helping improve the appearance of the vacant lots in the process.  It’s a fantastic way to help increase the quality of the local communities.

One of the intentions of is to bring people from different levels of society together to help solve common inner-city issues and discuss potential developmental ideas.  It collects data from which is a government website providing public information from New York City agencies. collects that data allowing people, businesses and government agencies to view and evaluate the run-down areas.

Green Space is a social network that empowers New Yorkers to create temporary and permanent physical spaces from unused, blighted, and vacated buildings and lots.. Green Space collects and organizes maps and data that allow government agencies, organizations and individuals to search, view, and assess the vacant buildings and lots in our city. With this information at their fingertips, Green Space users are encouraged to connect with one another to share ideas about building sustainable communities that improve New York City.  (via

If New York City is offering a website service like then so could many other cities and localities with the same type of problems.  It’s a great way to get society involved in helping their own communities, whether you’re a city-dweller, a home owner, CEO of a large enterprise or small business owner.  Anyone with an Internet connection and a desire can help and it doesn’t matter where you live.  What an excellent way to beautify and increase the value of a neighborhood.

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