Update at 5:13 PM PDT: I have been in touch with the Panoramic Software team and they are working on these issues and plan to push an update to the Marketplace as soon as possible.  Keep the app installed and that way when the update hits the Marketplace you will get notified via your Marketplace Live Tile.

Update at 6:00 AM PDT: I am going to have to recommend that you hold off on downloading and using moTweets for now because there may be a possible bug with hashtags.  Thanks to a tweet from @cainullah who mentioned a hashtag issue I tried some tweets using hashtags in various positions and it does cause problems.

  • A tweet with a hashtag at the end gets truncated and the hashtag is left off
  • A hashtag at the beginning of  a tweet crashes the app back to the start page.
  • A hashtag in the middle of your tweet also truncates the tweets and cuts everything else off.

I have contacted the developers to let them know about this so they can address it as soon as possible. Nice catch @cainullah.


After just a little more than a week after it was submitted to the Windows Phone Marketplace moTweets is now available for download either utilizing your Zune Software or the mobile Marketplace on your Windows Phone 7 handset.

Check out our review of the app from last week to get an idea of the features and customization that is possible with this Twitter app.

Even better, head to the Marketplace and download either the free, ad supported version or grab the Pro version which is only .99 cents and has a trial.  The only difference between the two versions is the ads which are unobtrusive at the top of the screen.

I think it is the best .99 cents you can spend for a Twitter app on your Windows Phone 7.

Check out more info at motweets-the-premiere-twitter-app (Pro) and motweets-twitter-app (Free).