I caught sight of a great shot of the International Space Station on Twitter today thanks to @BethBeck and that then led to me checking out images at the NASA ISS website.  Well I decided to put together several shots of activity outside of the ISS so if you’re a space fan or geek then you will enjoy this theme.

508149main_iss026e013115_1600_1600-1200 508283main_iss026e012766_wp_1600-1200 509247main_iss026e012474_1600_1600-1200
513633main_iss026e016368_1600_1600-1200 514308main_iss026e022304_1600_1600-1200 510062main_iss026e016509_1600_1600-1200
503042main_iss026e005989_1600_1600-1200 513269main_iss026e020916_wp_1600-1200 514854main_iss026e021655_1600_1600-1200
514974main_iss026e024076_1600_1600-1200 514295main_iss026e022368_1600_1600-1200 514926main_iss026e023340_1600_1600-1200

Download the ISS Images Windows 7 Theme