Ok let’s get this out of the way up front – I am psyched about attending the Microsoft MVP Summit for the first time next week!

Call it Geek Nirvana if you want but as a Microsoft Fan I am looking forward to spending 4 days around Bellevue and Redmond while attending briefings and other meetings with various Microsoft Product Teams and people.  I will spend most of my days with the Windows Team along with other IT Expert-Consumer MVP’s but we are also going to get the chance to meet other MVP’s out of the over 1,500 who are attending from something like 80 countries around the world.

Not only Geek Nirvana but Global Geek Nirvana!

You all know if you read this site where my leanings are when it comes to technology – I ‘m a PC! – and I have never hidden that.  Nor do I bash other technology companies or product lines because ultimately I am a technology fan to start with.  I have lived around the growth of technology for over 25 years and I have seen first hand the difference it can make in people’s lives.

I bring that up because it helps me explain what the anticipation is like heading to the Microsoft Campus for this summit.  This would not be unlike the experience someone would have watching their favorite professional sport team play for the first time – especially in their own stadium.  Or say an Apple Fan visiting Cupertino and getting to hang out with the geeks that design and create their products.

For me, who has always been a Microsoft Fan, getting to visit Redmond and the Microsoft Campus is like the first time I saw the Dallas Cowboys play in Texas Stadium.  I had always dreamed of attending a game at that stadium after watching the Cowboys over the years and being a fan and when I got go for the first time it was an awesome experience. 

I think this visit to Microsoft will be very similar to that.  I am also pretty sure it will be very similar for a lot of other MVP’s who are attending for the first time and maybe even those who have been a few times.

So if you have any concerns, suggestions or comments you would like taken directly to the Windows Product Team please let me know below and I will make sure they get brought up during the summit.

Note: If you want to follow the activities during the week of the MVP Summit the easiest way is to watch the website I posted about the other day.  Be forewarned though, much of the information will be covered by our MVP Non-Disclosure Agreement, but I am sure MVP’s will be tweeting about the non NDA stuff regularly.