This is a guest blog entry from Karin Gerber.

Who would’ve thought that one very smart and outspoken individual like Howard Stern could change the way people view, use, and respond to Twitter.  I’ve come across many people who started using Twitter because of Stern, and I know they’re not the only ones out there.  I can only imagine the amount of people newly added to Twitter all because Stern himself signed up.  You can follow him on Twitter at @HowardStern.

As an example, Howard Stern went ahead and tweeted a movie commentary while he was watching his own movie, Private Parts, on television at his home.  To my knowledge, no other person has done that prior to Stern.  Hearing movie commentaries from the film creator himself, all on Twitter straight from his home, has not been done before.  Further proves Stern’s pioneering skills.  It also proves Twitter’s amazing capabilities.

I would be safe to say that Twitter is relishing in the fact that Howard Stern found the social media outlet as an addition to his successful talk radio show on SiriusXM.  Just like satellite radio became successful after Stern joined, I imagine seeing Twitter’s usage number increase upon their already successful system.

I can see many other people following in Stern’s footsteps with tweeting movie commentaries, or tweeting interesting events that went on during the making of a film, music video, documentary, etc., even more so than before.  It’s a fantastic way to gather additional information on something you wouldn’t necessarily find anywhere else.

Bottom line is, Twitter brings the audience closer to the celebrity or important person at hand.  It goes to show you how social media is constantly changing the way we view and interact in our world.  I also believe many people are finally getting the point behind what Twitter actually is and how useful it’s actually become in our daily lives.  I look forward to what it brings next.