I posted earlier today about the pre-update update that started to be sent to Windows Phone 7 devices yesterday and all seemed pretty well.  That is until late last night and today.  Reports started to be seen on Twitter and popular tech websites that some phones were actually failing when the update was applied.  The phone was actually being left in a state that, as of now, is unrecoverable by the handset owner.

There have been a few other reports coming out from Twitter and official Windows Phone 7 tech Support accounts on how to address the issue (exchange it at the store), additional reports that some carriers may be blocking this update and finally there are positive reports that show the update being successful on some Windows Phone 7 handsets.

Hopefully, this is just a small bump in the road and things get smoothed out before the NoDo update is released in early March.

Here is a collection of links to stories about this from across the web and out of my RSS feeds:

As you can see the overwhelming story is that the update is causing issues but a search of Twitter shows the update is working on some phones – including Samsung handsets.  However, I am not seeing any new tweets about updates being received so maybe it has been pulled pending a fix.

Not sure if there is a common factor in any of the failures but I am sure it is not a fun thing to go through when it happens.

If you do opt to return your handset because of a failed update don’t walk away without your new one.  It is not like you dropped your phone and want a replacement either.  You did what was expected to be done when updates are released and it broke the phone. 

Let us know if you ran into the update problem or if you had to return the phone and how that went.