Holy Smoking Downloads Batman!

Roger Capriotti, Director of IE product Marketing, probably didn’t use those exact words but I imagine the team is pretty excited about these stats.

Let’s see – the IE9 RC was released for public download just over a week ago and it already has been downloaded 2 million times according to Roger.  That averages out to about 286K downloads a day over 8 days.

And before you ask about some of these being those automatic downloads for the current IE9 Beta users check this out:

As you may have seen on our engineering blog, current IE9 Beta users will be prompted to download RC via Windows Update this month. However, even as these prompts are starting to kick into gear, we have had two million user-initiated downloads of IE9 RC. We continue to be humbled by the enthusiasm and uptake of IE9.

2 million user initiated downloads – Wow.

You go IE9 RC!