The Bing Team has announced the release of an updated version of the Bing Bar to help you with access to all kinds of things while your online.

You can download the new Bing Bat at

We took a back to basics approach for this release, guided by one key principle: make the stuff you do every day online easier. We took a look at what makes our customers happy, how people use our products, and where they spend time online. The feedback was clear. People want an easy way to stay informed about the things they care about (such as Facebook, email, breaking news, weather and traffic).

Check out the video below to get a good overview of the updated toolbar.


<br /><a href=";vid=1029d71f-192f-4d98-bba7-917e550090d8&amp;src=SLPl:embed:&amp;fg=sharenoembed" target="_new" title="New Bing Bar Available Today">Video: New Bing Bar Available Today</a>