I posted earlier today about the keynote delivered by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer at the Mobile World Congress 2011 and several of the new features he mentioned that are upcoming for Windows Phone 7.

I wanted to put together additional coverage from around the web to highlight more details and info on these features including some video.

To start here is a video that shows the Kinect, Xbox 360 and Windows Phone 7 integration:

This video is from Channel 9’s Laura Foy and she talks to Brandon Watson, the Director for Windows Phone 7, about the announcements and new features for Windows Phone 7:

Additional stories I have come across in my RSS feeds about these features include:

I wish I could show you the entire keynote video including Joe Belfiore’s demos of some of the new features however MWC has that behind a site that requires you to register for access.  That of course means no embedding of the video as well.  Such a shame because there are some very good demos in that video.

If you want to see it you will need to visit the MWC site and get registered.

Update at 9:40 PM on 14 February 2011: Tom Warren over at WinRumours just posted an edited down video of today’s keynote highlights that takes just over 7 minutes to show you the best parts including the demo stuff.  The video is by and here is the YouTube embed: