Story Updated at 7:20 PM on 14 February 2011

User privacy continues to draw a lot of attention and the latest effort to secure your information is now coming to some of the most popular web browsers.

This new feature is called Do Not Track and gives you the option to allow companies to track you on the web as you browse or not. 

According to this Newsy consolidated report Mozilla and Google are following Internet Explorer’s lead with this new feature.

Sorry everyone but the video embed from Newsy did not work right.  However, you can read more about this feature in Chrome and Firefox by checking out this article at Fast Company:

Following increased pressure from the FTC, Google and Mozilla are introducing opt-out features to their Chrome and Firefox browsers. Soon, users will have the option to stop personalized advertisements, ads tailored to your Web-surfing habits that have sparked significant privacy concerns.

I am pleased to see another step towards giving consumers a role in determining their exposure to having information collected about their online browsing taking shape.

I am a huge fan of allowing the consumer to opt in to these types of things.  Why shouldn’t we be able to have a say in who gets what info from us.