As of today I have enabled a new feature at that will allow you to submit tech stories to be featured on the site.

There is a new menu item under the main site banner that is labeled Submit Story and it will present you with a form that will allow you to submit your tech related story directly to the site editors for consideration.

Of course you will be given full credit for the story submission if it is published.  So what criteria am I looking for in these stories?

First it must be tech related.  Of course that is a very broad subject area so be creative when you look for story ideas to write about.

Second it must be well written.  I am willing to do some editing and will discuss significant changes with you directly before I publish the posting.  My site is in English so that must also be the language the post is written in.

Length wise it needs to be in the 250-300 word region.  That just makes for a good length for stories.

I have no heartburn if you want to recommend a product in the course of your blog post as long as it is applicable to the story line.  I think I will be able to identify stories that purely want to be about links to a certain page or product for link juice.  If I have a concern I will contact you of course.

Finally, I reserve the right to not publish a submission if I feel it is not right for the site.  That of course is the beauty of being the Owner and Editor of and overall responsible for its content.

If you have questions then let me know otherwise I do look forward to what you have to say about tech.