Looking for some further evidence that Windows 7 use is increasing?

Well take a look at the stats that Rick Brewster posted concerning users of his very popular free graphics editor

Windows 7 is now up to about 45% of the user base, a gain of almost 17% since last time. XP has fallen further to less than 40%, which is a drop of almost 9%. Vista has also fallen, by about 14% down to 15.5% total. An important sum here brings the total of Win7 + Vista to just over 60%, which is the percentage that will be able to run Paint.NET v4.0 upon its release, which will require Vista SP2 as I’ve stated before. 64-bit adoption has also grown another 16% and is now more than 1/4th of the user base, a trend I’m still very happy to see continue.

Here is what those numbers look like in a pie chart:


Image courtesy of Rick Brewster

First off it is great to see that the growth of Windows 7 is continuing and this is a very unique way to see it through the users of a graphics program.

Second – if you have not checked out then visit the site and grab the free download.  It is by far one of the best options out there and one I think should replace the old standard Paint program in Windows!