Last week Microsoft posted an update for Windows Home Server that addressed 8 separate issues for the system.

Knowledge Base Article 981089 provides the details:

Issue 1

Assume that you use Windows Internet Explorer 9 to access the computer page of the Windows Home Server Remote Access website. In this situation, your connection fails if your Windows Home Server Remote Access website is not added to the trusted sites zone.

Issue 2

The TV archive add-in in Media Center fails on the TV archive page after you change the calendar to the Japanese format.

Issue 3

The uninstallation process fails on your first attempt to uninstall Windows Home Server Power Pack 3 Client Connector from a home computer.

Issue 4

When you shut down a home computer, Windows Home Server may report that antivirus software is not installed or is out of date. This occurs even though the antivirus software is installed and up-to-date.

Issue 5

A home computer that is joined to one of the following servers is not blocked when the computer tries to join Windows Home Server:

  • The next version of Windows Home Server
  • Windows Small Business Server 2011 Essentials
  • Windows Storage Server 2008 R2 Essentials

This causes software compatibility issues.

Issue 6

The current version of Identity Client Run Time Library that is included in Windows Home Server contains a potential privacy issue.

Issue 7

A function call may fail if you use the Windows Home Server software development kit (SDK) to retrieve user information on a German or French version of Windows Home Server.

Issue 8

The Remote Access website may be vulnerable to cross-site request forgery attacks.

If you have automatic updates turned on for your WHS system then this update should have already been downloaded and installed.  If you are still checking for things like this manually then you need to log into your WHS and check for updates to get it.


I recommend turning on the Automatic Update setting on your WHS so that you get the fixes when they are released.  I was on the road for work and this update was downloaded and installed with no action from me.  It also automatically updated the WHS Connector Software on each PC.

Nice to be protected as soon as an update comes out.