This week it is a pleasure to have Luigi Violin as our featured Windows Phone 7 user and to get a peek at what apps he has on his Windows Phone.

Luigi is familiar with Windows Phone 7 apps as well since he runs the very popular WP7applist website which tracks apps as they are added to the Windows Phone Marketplace. 

In fact, since we are talking about it, here is the current state of the Marketplace thanks to his tracking widget that he provides on his website:

So let me start by having Luigi introduce himself to everyone and give some background info:

I’m a professional software developer located in Italy. I’m known as @zaam on twitter and "ZaaM IT" for the Xbox Live Community which I’m very involved in.  I’ve always been a fan of mobile devices: Palm first, PocketPC shortly after and then Windows Mobile for a few years.

Now I proudly keep an LG Optimus 7 in my pocket.  My Android device and an iPhone 3 stay in the drawer.

Since I run a website like I’m always on the lookout for the best apps in the Marketplace.  I try lots of them out mostly to choose what to ‘feature’ on the website but I only keep installed what I really need.

So what does a Windows Phone 7 app developer and webmaster of one of the more popular Windows Phone 7 websites have on their phone?  Well here is what he has, which are pinned to his main start page and why he has them.

  • Adobe Reader: Enough said
  • Analog Night Clock: nice little tool, just a full screen analog clock
  • Beezz [pinned]: Best twitter client for WP7 so far in my opinion. It misses a few basic features which I’m fairly sure will come in future updates
  • Birdsong: one more cool twitter client; young, but very promising
  • Facebook [pinned]: no words needed
  • Flashlight: you’ll need one sooner or later and this gets the job done for free :)
  • foursquare: not my favorite social network but I use it from time to time
  • Google Search: in all honesty, I always forget I have it installed – but it’s quicker to lunch than typing
  • IlMeteo: best weather app in Italy
  • IMDb [pinned]: movies and TV series are another big passion of mine and this app is AWESOME
  • Messenger by Miyowa: not the best WLM experience you may have/expect but it works pretty good when I need it
  • PagineGialle: Yellow Pages for Italy
  • PhraseMeme Scanner: awesome multi-format barcode reader
  • Seesmic: I got it for Twitter but not very impressed anyway
  • Shazam [pinned]: I have this app on ALL my mobile devices because it’s phenomenal
  • Tag Reader: official app for scanning Microsoft Tag
  • Televideo RAI [pinned]: teletext app for Italy
  • TGCom: official app of one of the most popular news sources in Italy
  • Twitter [pinned]: my Twitter client of choice along with Beezz. Simple and effective
  • Voice to Text: last I checked, this was for LG owners only – it’s a text to speech app and it works nicely
  • Unit Converter: the kind of tool you MUST keep on a mobile device. This comes free, courtesy of Microsoft, and does what it says
  • WeatherBug [pinned]: my favorite of its kind, love the Live Tile!

Games: Bejeweled LIVE, Flowerz, Halo Waypoint, Hexic Rush, ilomilo, and Xbox LIVE Extras.

These are all games I have because I enjoy their Xbox 360 counterpart except for Flowerz. My girlfriend would not like it if I removed that one!

As a developer he said that there are a couple of apps on his device that are in development and he also said that he is working on an app for fans of his website,, that everyone should be keeping an eye out for.

Well Luigi I look forward to seeing the WP7applist app and the continued growth of your website.  Thanks for sharing your apps with everyone on this edition of What’s On Your Windows Phone 7?

Will you be next?

Just contact me here or give me a shout on Twitter (@WinObs) if you want to share about your Windows Phone 7 apps in a future edition of What’s On Your Windows Phone 7?