I came across a Friday Poll from CNET on the Crave Gadget Blog in my RSS feeds and found it very curious that a poll about mobile gaming would fail to include Windows Phone 7 and the Xbox Live integration that it comes with.

The poll lists the Nintendo 3DS, Sony NGP (Next Generation Portable) and the iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad as mobile gaming platforms in the survey but fails to list Windows Phone 7.

Now two of those products listed are not even out yet – the Nintendo 3DS is due on 27 March 2011 and the Sony NGP does not even have a date except sometime in late 2011.  Hard to provide an answer on devices that are not even out yet in my opinion.

On the other hand Windows Phone 7 is out and the gaming experience and integration with Xbox Live is pretty darn good.

There is no doubt that CNET knows and acknowledges gaming on the Windows Phone 7 either.  Just check out this video from August 2010 that previewed the gaming experience on Windows Phone:

So what do you all think of Windows Phone 7 as a gaming platform? How does it compare to gaming on the iPhone, iPad or iTouch?

I would like to hear what you all think for comparison.