It seems like just yesterday when I received that email on 01 January 2010 notifying me that I had been awarded the MVP Award for 2010 in the Windows Desktop Experience category.  It was my first award and unexpected so that made it even more unique for me.

It has been a terrific year since then with the site, the opportunities I have had to participate in unique events and the connections I have made through the program.  This could have ended today and I would have no regrets because those things I will carry well beyond the award year.

However, I was lucky enough to be recognized by Microsoft for my past contributions in 2010 with an email this morning that renewed my MVP Award status.

This time it is in a new category called Windows Expert-Consumer which was formerly known as Windows Desktop Experience.

Many thanks to my lead Jake Grey and everyone at the MVP Award program who keeps this all together and moving.

if your interested in learning more about the Microsoft MVP Program check out these official program links:

Also take a moment to read this post from fellow MVP Vijay Raj who is also known as the MSI Geek ( on the web and @MSIGeek on Twitter).  He provides a great explanation about what things are considered in this award.

When asked I tell people “Do what your passionate about and then rewards will follow your passion.”