Well we have arrived in 2011 and over the last week or so I have been looking at and reviewing this past year to see where we have been and where we might be going.

This site started out as a desire to learn HTML back in 1995 and I did so on in the Silicon Valley Heights neighborhood (  I am sure many of you remember those types of web addresses.

That seems like so long ago.

I continued to learn about developing for the web over the years and now am well settled in WordPress as the backbone of this site.  In the past couple of years I have also taken a different approach with posting and keeping content moving on the site and that effort has been very rewarding.  It has expanded my network to levels I would have never thought possible when this site started over 15 years ago.

I have also been fortunate enough to have a couple of primary contributors over this past year who really helped the site out with their knowledge and content:

  • Isaac Steinberg spent a couple of months with us and then moved on to develop and run his new site In Depth With Tech.  He is a talented writer and is doing great stuff over there at IDWT.
  • Karin Gerber continues to be onboard and writes with a unique perspective on current tech news.  She knows the computer world as she has worked on help desks and now runs her own tech support company HelpTech Solutions.

I am looking forward to 2011 as it holds many new experiences for me including my retirement from the U.S. Navy after over 29 years of service.  I have enjoyed these years and the opportunities it has given me and will also be looking forward to growing my hair long, going back to school and working full time on and some new endeavors.  Stay tuned!

Before I open up the data mine and share some stats from this past year I just want to say thanks for your continued visits and interactions on  There is nothing better than being able to do things you enjoy, meet terrific people in the process and share experiences.

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