Microsoft has posted two new themes for your Windows 7 systems that fit very well for this time of year.  One for those of us deep in the Winter season and another for everyone about to celebrate the end of the first decade of the Millennium on New Years Eve.

Walrus Swimming Under Surface of Water Near Tiholmane Island, Svalbard, NorwayIcebergs in Surf by Jokulsarlon, IcelandAn arctic fox (Alopex lagopus) follows a polar bear (Ursus maritimus) as it hunts and hopes for leftover meat, on the 1002 coastal plain, Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Alaska, USA
Lake in an old volcanic crater or caldera, IcelandSnowy Owl in Flight Over Snow Covered FieldIcebergs in Greenland, Alluitsup Paa, Greenland
Humpback Whale UnderwaterHornsund at Spitsbergen, NorwayArctic Tern fishing in Jokulsarlon Lake, Iceland
Snowy Owl Perched on Fence Post in Winter, CanadaArched Iceberg in Ililussat, GreenlandHumpback Whale Feeding in Frederick Sound in Alaska, USA
Clouds and Autumn Colors Reflected in Lake, Abisko National Park, SwedenPolar Bear, Nordauslandet, Svalbard, NorwayIcebergs in Disko Bay, Greenland

Download the Arctic Windows 7 Theme

New Year celebrations at St. Basil's Cathedral, Moscow, RussiaFireworksFireworks over the Brooklyn Bridge, New York, USA
Fireworks Exploding over Harbor of ShizuokaFireworks DisplayFireworks above Cibeles Fountain on New Year's Eve, Madrid, Spain
Firework displayFireworks above the Opera House and Harbour Bridge, Sydney, AustraliaFireworks in the night sky
Fireworks on New Year's Eve, SingaporeFireworksFireworks over the Tower Bridge, London, England, UK
 Fireworks Display at New Year Celebration 

Download the Fireworks Windows 7 Theme