A unique event happened in the night sky over North America today in conjunction with the Winter Solstice – a total lunar eclipse.

The last time those two events coincided was back in 1638.

I watched from my backyard in North East Florida and recorded this footage using my Olympus SP-565 Ultra Zoom digital camera.  Although it got me a few slightly blurry shots using the still camera the zoomed in video turned out quite well as you can see by the footage below.

Enjoy and I hope you were able to get outside and see this with your own eyes as well – nothing like experiencing things like this in life.

This movie was put together using Windows Live Movie Maker and using one of its Auto Movie Themes.  It made it so easy and quick that this was apparently the first video uploaded to YouTube of the actual eclipse.

Update at 4:00 AM EST: This video was shared on the Huffington Post’s Live Eclipse Coverage blog.

Update at 9:00 PM EST: The video has had 95,614 views since it was uploaded this morning! I am pretty sure it was the first if not one of the first videos to be uploaded to YouTube which may explain why it took off and got a little viral.

It has also received the following honors from YouTube for today: