I just got a prompt from the Windows Phone Marketplace Live Tile on my Windows Phone 7 start screen which indicated an update was available for one of my installed apps.

When I went to check it was the 1.1 update for the WordPress for Windows Phone app that was released earlier this week.

It looks like five different issues are addressed in this update including two I pointed out in my WordPress Mobile Blogging On Windows Phone 7 post a few days ago.

I am about to post this as a draft to make sure that works and that it remembers the categories I select for the post.

Posted from WordPress for Windows Phone

From this point down the post is being written in Windows Live Writer.

Well at least one of the two bugs I pointed out are fixed with this 1.1 update.  I prepared the start of this post from within the WordPress for Windows Phone app and saved it to the site as a draft by turning off the box around the word Publish at the bottom of the compose screen.

The post went live the minute it uploaded so that Publish/Draft bug is still there.

The other bug I reported in my last post about this app was the fact that categories were not being saved when the post was uploaded to the server.  Well the categories are now being saved however none of the tags I selected for this post were.  Seems like a reversion to me as the one bug was fixed.

Mark me patiently awaiting the next update to see if this app is going to do what is expected.