The Microsoft Fix It site has had a little overhaul and makeover to streamline the process of using the solutions there to help with any computer issues you might be having.

The Microsoft Fix It solutions automate certain fixes to keep end users from having to directly edit the system registry which is the basis for many of these simple fixes.

When you visit the website at you will see the differences right from the top.

At the top of the page you see a new row of icons that break the Fix It solutions into program areas:


A closer look when you hover on one of those program area icons shows you a further breakdown of that category.  Click on any item in that list to slim down the solutions that are presented in the final part of the page.


If you choose to not use the drop down list on the program icons you can also see that same list at Step 2 on the Fix It solutions page.


Once you select one of those items you will get the following list that you can review the possible solutions being presented to you.  At the top of that area there is a search box here you can search for a specific keyword to help focus the solutions your presented.