In the last week has expanded in two areas to offer consumers greater choices for downloadable products.

The first area is e-books and specifically books that are made for the Kindle. Previously you had to have a Kindle in order to purchase and read Kindle books however Amazon now only requires someone to have an email address in order to receive a Kindle book from someone as a gift or purchase them for personal use.

Frequently Asked Questions about Giving Kindle Books

• Do I have to own a Kindle to give or receive a Kindle book as a gift? No. Kindle books can be given and received by anyone with an e-mail address. Kindle books can be read either on Kindle or on your PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, or Android Phone using one our our free reading apps .

• What if the recipient doesn’t like or want their gift? Kindle books received as gifts can be exchanged for gift cards .

• Are all Kindle books eligible to be given as gifts? All Kindle books available for purchase in the Kindle Store can be given as gifts.

The second expansion last week is in the gaming area. increased their downloadable game content in a deal with several game publishers according to Joystiq:

Amazon has been offering downloads of casual games since last year, but has announced a new initiative today that will see its digital distribution offerings expanded. Now Amazon shoppers can purchase "more than 300 blockbuster titles" from EA, Ubisoft, Atari and Sega and to celebrate this new partnership…

Although I moved away from PC gaming a couple of years ago when I purchased my Xbox 360 console I think this is a great boon for the PC Gamers that are out there.  Now that hard drives have increased significantly in size and come down in price storing these downloads should not be a problem and gaining access to popular games immediately without leaving your house is a great way to get into the action.  I mean who needs an instruction manual and box to play a game anyway?

What do you think?