Earlier this week Adobe made their latest version of their Acrobat software collection available.  Version X (Ten) is said to be the most secure version and implements features that make working together with Adobe files much easier.

“Acrobat X addresses today’s critical challenge of communicating and collaborating with widely dispersed teams of colleagues, partners and customers in a compelling way,” said Kevin M. Lynch, vice president and general manager of Acrobat, Digital Enterprise Solutions Group, Adobe. “Our new services tackle the need to have access to, exchange, retrieve and view documents reliably from anywhere.”

Some of the features that are in this new version of the popular software are:

  • Guided Actions: Automate routine, multi-step tasks.
  • PDF Portfolios: Let you change how people interact with your documents and create richer documents with new layouts, visual themes and color palettes.
  • Adobe SendNow; A new document exchange service that lets you send, receive, track and manage documents.
  • Adobe CreatePDF: New online PDF creation process that can be used from any computer.
  • Protected Mode Viewing: To allow you to look at PDF files in a safe environment.
  • Share Pane: In program access to the online Adobe CreatePDF service.
  • Mobile Access: You can now interact easily with PDF documents on your mobile device with Adobe Reader X for Android and Windows Phone 7.  Support for the Blackberry Tablet OS is also in the works.

Only time will tell if the enhanced security features will help stop the spread of rogue PDF files but the collaboration tools that are in this version should make sharing and working on PDF files amongst groups much easier.

Read the full press release – Adobe Acrobat X Solutions Now Available.

Download Adobe Reader X (includes Adobe AIR)