Yesterday Microsoft released their highly anticipated Kinect for Xbox 360 hands free controller.  I kept an eye on things via Twitter and found some comments that were quite amusing/interesting so I thought I would share some of those here along with a list of the reviews I have come across in my RSS feeds.

So sit back, relax and enjoy the commentary of those experiencing or about to experience Kinect for themselves.

shanselmanLOL #Xbox RT @geekgrrl: "Kinect: Tea, Earl Grey, Hot" does not work. We’re sending it back.


OathbreakerOminous that my lunch fortune cookie on the day I pick up Kinect says "You laugh now, wait till you get home."


Dee_CazoKinect is here leave me alone.


thevowelRT @gil_garcia: @thevowel I almost missed a 9:45am class, because I went to bed at 4am. Do I regret it? Not. One. Bit! #kinect#rules


NeedlerFanPudgeGlad the Kinect is finally out. I can tell people I’ve had it for three months and I got a free one from Beta Testing now. :D


JByars13@Xbox got my #KINECT now I can’t wait to get off work!!!


BlownSpeakersTurns out the xbox needs to be on BEFORE plugging in kinect, REGAIN HYPE


tf5_bassistHooray! Gonna’ get my Kinect after work today! Looks like little to no overtime for me today hehehe…


pushsquareSo it’s Kinect launch day and Microsoft say: "WE’RE MAKING KINECT GAMES WITH THE CONTROLLER TOO!" But I thought *I* was the controller?


jamesashleyBest thing about Kinect so far is all the UX innovations required to make it work with gestures. Very well done. Surprisingly responsive.


delusionownzyouOMG I am hyper right now! Why do I have to be confined to a chair when i could be busting kinect out!


NerdiacI might have to make this a @papajohns night; something about video games just screams @TacoBell or pizza. #kinect


PogoplayGotta wait until tomorrow to pick up my Kinect 250GB Bundle, but I WANT IT NOW!


mwinklehave a bit of a headache, maybe it’s best that I stay home and make sure my #kinect works fine.

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