Well yesterday PDC10 kicked off out in Redmond, WA at the Microsoft Campus and it was led off by a keynote address by Steve Ballmer.  He talked about several subjects including Windows 7, Windows Phone 7, the Cloud, Azure, Internet Explorer 9 and there were several demos.  You can watch this keynote on demand or a lot of other sessions by visiting the PDC Live Stream website at http://player.microsoftpdc.com/.

This player is new this year as it has a window to view the speaker as well as their slide deck so you never have to lose either one while watching.  I was also impressed that the fact that this keynote was available on demand just a few hours after it was given.

Here is what the player interface looks like:


You can flip flop the slide deck and speaker video between the two windows as well.  Of course it runs on Azure and uses Silverlight streaming.

So as I listened to this as a consumer and not a developer here are some of the interesting facts I pulled from the keynote by Steve Ballmer and friends:

  • 350 million PC’s sold in the last year
  • 240 million licenses of Windows 7 sold since release on 22 October 2009
  • 88% of businesses moving to Windows 7
  • 94% satisfaction rate with Windows 7
  • Internet Explorer 9 Beta had 10 million downloads in the six weeks since it was released.  Makes it the most downloaded IE beta ever
  • There are now over 1,000 apps in the Windows Phone 7 App store
  • 30,000 people around the world will watch and participate in PDC10 by either watching live stream or on demand recordings
  • Everyone in attendance at PDC10 is getting a Windows Phone 7

During the IE9 Demo it was announced that Platform Preview 6 of IE9 is available for download from http://ietestdrive.com.  This platform preview is just like the preview before the IE9 Beta release – minimal interface and is intended for developers to try out their code on it.  You can browse the web with it and try out other sites – you just have no address bar or browser buttons to use.  You can install this preview alongside your current IE browser without any problem.

To wrap up the day here is a collection of stories from across the web that are PDC10 related: