One of the previous featured gadgets from the Windows 7 Personalization Gallery was the Moon Phase gadget.  Well today we show you another gadget to track the phase of a celestial body – this one is for our planet – Earth.

Here is what it looks like undocked on your desktop. 


There are quite a few settings for this one.  The Location properties allows you to select anywhere on Earth to view this from above.  Like most will do, I picked my city and state from the location listing.  There are also options for how the Earth appears.  You can play around with those to find your preference.  The above view is set on the defaults.


On this options page you can adjust the size of the display as well as appearance on the desktop such as transparency as well as adjust where you see the globe from such as the Sun, your home location or a LAT and LONG you enter,


The Date tab lets you adjust when in time your seeing the Earth.  Again most will default to real time for this display.


This gadget is definitely a great companion to the Moon Phase one.

Download the Earth Phase Gadget.