In this day and age of broadband videos have become a major source of training and information.  YouTube has become the defacto location for uploading videos and with the ability to brand your YouTube portal it makes for a recognizable resource for your viewers.

There are already a lot of Microsoft divisions using YouTube to host videos and the latest to join the mix is the Other Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Partner team.

The site only has 6 videos uploaded at the moment but you can expect more to be there soon.

Welcome to the the OEM Partner YouTube Video Channel. Here you’ll find technical and marketing videos created especially for Microsoft OEM system builders and resellers. Look for additional videos, training, and preinstallation software on OEM Partner Center (OPC). OPC is a Microsoft website dedicated to helping small and medium-sized system builder businesses succeed by providing what you need to pre-install Microsoft operating systems and software applications onto PCs for resale.

I know the OEM Partner team is not a gucci as some of the other parts of Microsoft but if you are someone who prepares PC’s for sale or are a reseller then the OEM Partner site is a wealth of information you need to be familiar with.  Spend some time checking out their posted videos and visiting their main website at http://www.microsoft.com/oem.