Yesterday Ed Bott posted a story on his site, Windows Expertise, titled What’s your favorite way to share photos online

In it he compares how your photos are presented between Windows Live SkyDrive and Facebook.  Personally I use flickr for uploading all of our family photos but this post is more about the awesome photos he shared from Northern New Mexico and the superb Fall colors he got photos of.

So naturally, with me being a fan of great photos in Windows 7 themes, I asked Ed via Twitter if I could create a Windows 7 Theme using his photos and he graciously gave me permission to go ahead.

So here is a summary of the photos in this theme and as you can see from the logo above I selected a light coppery tinge to the Aero toolbars for it.

By the way – no hidden meaning with the Vista reference in the name of this theme.  I got that from the name of the pictures as Ed labeled them – Vista also means a view.

Aspen Vista trail viewAspen Vista 2010Apen Vista 2010
Aspen Vista 2010 panoramaAspen Vista 2010Aspen Vista 2010, gawkers spot
 Aspen Vista from the road below 

Download the Aspen Vista Windows 7 Theme by Ed Bott