There is a report in the Wall Street Journal Tech section that says Yahoo! will come out with an integration feature for websites called Yahoo! Connect that is very similar to the Facebook Like button and other elements that are so common across the web these days.

With Y Connect, users could register with and log into media sites simply by clicking on a Yahoo button. Then, users’ activity on the media site can easily be shared with contacts on Yahoo. Content on non-Yahoo sites would be shared via Yahoo Pulse, a hub connected to Yahoo Mail accounts.

If successful, such connections could spur more activity on Yahoo sites and help the company better understand the interests of users and figure out which online ads are more likely to be effective. In turn, websites that adopt Y Connect also would get additional information about their users from Yahoo, and provide them the convenience of registering and logging in with one mouse click.

It certainly sounds like it will be very similar to what not only Facebook but also Twitter does when a website owner decides to integrate their site to these popular social media sites.  There is no doubt that tying two sites together like this can be very beneficial in terms of website traffic as the recent stories relating to overall increases in websites traffic flow after starting to use Facebook integration.

Also, if you go over to Yahoo!’s website right now they are already integrating the Facebook Like button throughout all their pages so they are already no stranger to Facebook and its impact.

I know Yahoo! is one of the most popular sites on the web but I rarely use it anymore for searches or anything like that.  I find the main webpage to be very cluttered and distracting.  How about you – do you still use Yahoo! on a regular basis or have you moved on to other search engines and information portals?