I just came across these statistics on the All Facebook website and wanted to share them with everyone – they really are mind blowing stats:

  • 53% of Facebook users play games
  • 19% say they are addicted
  • 69% of Facebook gamers are women
  • 20% have paid cash to get benefits in their Facebook game
  • 56 million people play daily (more than the population of England)
  • 290 million play monthly (almost as many people as live in the US)
  • Average time spent per month on Facebook 421 minutes (7 hours, 1 minute)
  • 50% of Facebook logins are to play games
  • 265 million Facebook gamers multiplied by 210 minutes (game time per gamer, per month) equals 927 million hours of gaming per month on Facebook
  • That is 105,878 man-years of gaming on Facebook

So how do all these people live and eat every day spending this much time on line and in Facebook?