Earlier this month I posted a warning about a phishing email that was spreading around the Internet relating to rejected tax payments and an attempt to get personal information from you.

Well they have ramped up their efforts on two levels.  The first is volume.  It seems this email hits my Junk Folder several times a day now if not more.

The second one is format of the email itself.  They are now sending it out in HTML format as shown in the screen shot below.


So the HTML format looks more official then just a text based email like the earlier one I wrote about.

Take a closer look at this email and notice the awful spelling on some very straight forward words.  I counted 36 misspelled words in this email.  How many can you find?

Another thing they use to try and scare you about this notice is the official looking warning at the bottom of the page.

Be smart, take a few minutes to look at emails like this and decide why they are valid and you will find many reasons why they are not anywhere near valid.

Stay vigilant out there.