I brought up a question yesterday on whether or not the Windows Phone 7 Launch was Next Monday in NYC or not and today I caught this on the Windows SuperSite from Paul Thurrott:

Looks like Microsoft is going to announce the first Windows Phone 7 devices next Monday in NYC, along with AT&T. I’m going to the launch and will be in the city for the entire day. Annoying semantics: I’ve been saying all along that the WP7 "launch" is November 8 and that the "announcement" is October 11. Naturally, Microsoft is calling the October 11 press conference a "worldwide launch." Sigh. The phones don’t arrive, however, until … you guessed it … November 8.

This makes a little better sense now that AT&T is involved along with Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer.  Those two tidbits were missing from all the early Monday AM announcements about the event.  This would seem to make it much more official with the big boss there as well as a major partner from the cellular carriers.

No matter what we will be keeping an eye on next weeks events on line to see what exactly is happening so we can keep you up to date.