I had not heard about this until today but Amazon.com has started selling the Apple iPad in their online store.

There are no big price differences between the price at Amazon.com and that which was being give at the Apple website. 

The big difference with these devices now selling at Amazon.com is the used market that has now opened up through the Amazon Associates sales.

Amazon makes it very easy to sell an item that they are already listing on their website through about 3 pages of info and then the link is live and it is apparent that this market is opening up now.


A quick tally of the three units shown above plus one more that is listed shows 278 new ones for sale; 62 used ones for sale plus whatever new retail devices that are in stock.  It looks like some of the used devices could net you a savings of anywhere from $60 to $130 off retail.

What do you think – is this a viable market for the iPad or is purchasing used like this too risky?