One of the new features in IE9 that integrates into the Windows 7 Taskbar is the ability to pin a website shortcut to your taskbar. 

When you pin a site in IE9 to the Windows 7 Taskbar you get the websites favicon along with a Windows 7 Taskbar jumplist to interact with that site.  In fact, I wrote about this last week when Bing got their Pinned Site update.

Here is what the Bing and this site look like pinned to the taskbar in Windows 7:


Well as I am browsing and using my pinned sites I noticed something that happens to the IE9 browser when you click on one of those pinned shortcuts – the favicon is placed in the upper left corner of the browser toolbar – check it out:



Here is the IE9 Beta browser when you do not use a pinned site shortcut:


This favicon in the IE9 toolbar is also interactive – at least it has one function that I have discovered so far.  Click on it and it acts just like a Home key by taking you to the location of your pinned site shortcut.  For Bing and my site shown above it takes you back to their respective homepages.

You will also notice the ability by site developers to add some personalization to the browser controls by coloring the Back and Forward buttons.

So have you noticed anything unique in the IE9 beta yet? I would love to hear from you in the comments about your discoveries.