OK here is an interesting site that is in beta.  Weather Trends 360 allows you to look out into the future a year from now and get a prediction on what the weather will be on that day.  It is a service from Weather Trends International which is the parent company.

Weather Trends International is comprised of an experienced team of veteran meteorologists, scientists and mathematicians who have spent their professional lives studying weather.’s success in being able to share future weather trends isn’t new, in fact this proprietary and highly reliable technology has been tried, tested and proven over the past 8 years with leading retailers, businesses and countries.

I know that every area of the world has information on what the trends are when it comes to weather and I think that is a big piece of what this site uses to predict what weather will be on a day in the future.  However, isn’t weather to some extent unpredictable? 

So although this site may give you an idea of what the weather should be based on historical trends I am not sure I would bet my entire planning process more than 6 – 12 months out based on this prediction.

I would just rather pick the day that works on then take my chances on what the weather might be.

Still – this is a very interesting site to browse and check out the wealth of information that is available.