Microsoft has released an update to the Bing Travel Planner tool for Outlook that is currently in beta.

Bing travel helps you Know When To Buy™, When To Fly™, and Where To Stay™ – all based on a huge volume of airfare and hotel rate data that we process every day. The Bing Travel add-in makes finding the lowest fare faster and easier because it’s available anytime in Outlook.

Researching travel options can be challenging. It takes time to review all the options and determine the best time to fly, what airline has the lowest fares, and where you will stay at your destination. Bing Travel makes these tasks easier by processing large amounts of travel related data and presenting it in ways that help travellers make better decisions.

The Bing Travel add-in puts this technology in the place where many people spend a large part of their day – in Outlook. Just by clicking the Bing Travel button in the Add-Ins menu, or right-clicking in your calendar, you’ll have access to Bing Travel’s decision making tools and all your favorite online travel agencies and airlines.

The supported OS’s are Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP and this plugin will only work in Outlook 2007 and 2010.

Download the Bing Travel Planner Beta for Outlook