Facebook as unveiled their new Page Browser that gives you the ability to browse the various pages that users have put online through the social media site.



The browser is very straight forward and displays the page logo and name as you scroll down the list those that are framed in a blue border are pages you have already Liked.

If you hover over the page logo you will see a Like button that you can click to like the page and see its news feed in yours and if it is a page you have previously liked you will see an Unlike button which of course will remove it from your list.

facebookpagebrowserlike facebookpagebrowserunlike

One shortfall is no search option just for the pages.  There is a search bar at the top of the normal Facebook UI but it searches everything across Facebook.  I would have liked to seen a search that just looks through the pages.  Maybe even a live instant search that updates as you type the search term.  Nah – that sounds like something that has already been done.

As I have browsed through the list of pages I still can not figure out the rhyme or reason for the order of the page listings.  It is not in alphabetical order but it is also not in popularity order.  Anyone got an idea of what determines where a page falls out in the list?