Automattic, the parent company of WordPress, has now joined the recent stream of companies who are developing dashboard style status pages on the web for their services.

Previously we have written about those from Social Down or Not and Windows Live.

The Automattic Current Performance and Availability Status page is not unlike the others either.  There is a summary area that lists al the services they track and then a more detailed day by day history of the same services.

Here is a snapshot of the overall summary listing of the services and their status:


Below the summary on the main page is a breakdown of the past weeks performance for each service:


By clicking on any of the services in either the summary or history areas you will be taken to an in depth summary page for that specific service that has some graphs and data to show the overall performance performance during that time period:


Now it is here on this page that I thought it looked awfully familiar.  Well if you take a look at the detailed history page for the Social Down or Not site we wrote about you will see some similarities:


Actually more than similarities – exact duplicates.

Well do not be alarmed because this is not a conspiracy or plagiarism issue.  Turns out the Automattic status site is powered by WatchMouse Website Monitoring – the same folks that make the Social Down or Not status page.