In an earlier post today I wrote about the initial numbers that IE9 had when it first came out last week and I thought it would be neat to look at the numbers for this website to see how many of you are already using IE9 when you visit here.  Many thanks to for the idea.

These stats are pulled from 15 to 20 Sep here on

The first chart shows the distribution of hits amongst the top 6 browsers that visit us:


The next chart shows the breakdown amongst the top 5 versions of IE that visit the site:


As you can see IE9 comes in third fourth overall amongst IE browsers already surpassing IE6 in just 5 days.  This is great as IE6 is a unsecure browser that needs to be phased out and since IE9 will not be able to install on Windows XP systems that should help it overcome IE6 around the web as Windows XP is slowly phased out now that the lifecycle support is beginning to come to an end this fall.

A final note on these visit stats – there are still a lot of people out there browsing the Internet with IE5 and IE6!  Please upgrade to any modern browser if you are as there is a risk of exposing your system to vulnerabilities that are out there to exploit your browser.

Personally I do not care which one you choose – just choose one to upgrade to so your properly protected and able to enjoy the web in the way it is meant to be with all the new technologies that older browsers can not handle.