The more I use the IE9 Beta the more pleased I am with it.  This minimal interface is terrific and really does stay out of the way.

One of the new features in this version of Internet Explorer that I really like is the frequently used tabs page that appears when you open a new tab in IE9.

If you have IE9 set to open a blank page or any other default homepage then you do not get these frequently used website tabs as your default homepage:


The sites are listed on this page with the most accessed sites listed starting from the upper left.

So after searching through the IE9 settings properties I finally went to the best source of information I know – Twitter – and found out how to have these come up by default when I open a new instance of the IE9 Beta browser. Many thanks @vasudevg and @MSTechPages for this tip.

Go to the Internet Options in IE9 and make your default homepage about:tabs like this:


Click OK and your done.  Now you will get those visited site tabs as your default homepage.